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My basic philosophy is to put quality first. This is true not only for the quality of my work product, but also for the quality of my relationships with clients. Unlike most translation providers, in particular translation agencies, I work for a relatively small and select group of clients, among them several prominent international law firms in Germany. This focused approach has allowed me to develop a very close and mutually beneficial relationships with each client. The benefits for clients are greater availability, personalized service, and consistent quality, and the benefits for myself are a steady workflow of challenging projects, regular client feedback, and the development of special expertise in interesting legal fields.

My translation style reflects the same philosophy, from the time I accept an assignment until the time I deliver the final translation. I generally agree only to deadlines I can meet, and I always meet agreed deadlines. Once I have accepted an assignment, I make every effort to render the best translation possible: the translation must not only be accurate and complete, but should also read as if it had originally been drafted in the English language. This requires thorough legal analysis, sound judgment, and, in many cases, intensive research both on and off the Internet. As a former California attorney with several years of practical experience, I am uniquely suited to meet this challenge and consider this to be the most enjoyable part of my work.


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