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Areas of Expertise

The services I provide are geared specifically towards the demands of international law firms and corporations based in Germany and other German-speaking countries. As a former attorney at a top law firm in Los Angeles, I offer translation expertise in a broad range of practice areas including the following:

-           mergers and acquisitions
-           securities
-           banking and finance
-           media law
-           real estate law
-           intellectual property
-           antitrust and unfair competition
-           insolvency law
-           employment and labor law
-           tax law
-           litigation


My clients include German offices of several prominent international law firms, as well as the legal departments of several well-known international corporations with operations in Germany.



German into English: I primarily offer professional expertise in the translation of corporate legal documents from the German into the English language.

English into German: I also offer translations into the German language working in a team with former German attorneys.

Types of Services

Translation: The principal service I offer is the translation of corporate legal documents from the German into the English language.

Editing: I also provide editing services, for example if a client wishes to make changes to or improve upon a previous translation.

Certificates of accuracy: I provide certificates of accuracy for translations upon request. If needed, certificates of accuracy are notarized by an American notary public.

Turnaround and Time Difference


I am generally able to turnaround between 3,000 and 5,000 words (about 10-20 pages) per day, depending on the level of difficulty. I generally commit to a particular delivery date only after I have had an opportunity to review the German source text. I therefore suggest that clients submit projects by e-mail and request a delivery date. I will then immediately confirm the requested delivery date or, if necessary, propose an alternative date.

Time Difference

The 9-hour time difference between Western Europe and California provides two unique advantages:

1.         I am often able to provide an overnight turnaround. This has proven invaluable for clients who need translations to be available the next day ‒ in the morning!

2.         I am able to respond to translation inquiries during after-hours in the Central European time zone. This has proven invaluable for clients who routinely work during after-hours and have no time to assign translations before the close of business.

Especially in combination, these two advantages can yield powerful results: a 10-page document in the German language may, for example, be submitted for translation at 10:30 p.m. CET ‒ at a time when translation providers in Europe have long closed for the day ‒ and be returned in the English language by 9 a.m. of the next day.

Once clients have experienced the unique advantages of the time difference, they usually find it hard to believe that they ever managed without them.


I can be reached by telephone, fax and e-mail:

Phone: (818) 242-0090
Fax: (818) 243-0090
E-mail: translations@robertohess.com

Projects may be submitted by e-mail or fax, and will be returned by e-mail as Microsoft Word documents (unless requested otherwise).


E-mail: translations@robertohess.com · Telephone: (818) 242-0090 Telecopier: (818) 243-0090
1649 Santa Rosa Ave., Glendale, California 91208, U.S.A