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Per word rates*

Standard:                          U.S. $0.30

Regular rush:                     U.S. $0.35

Special rush:                      U.S. $0.40


Hourly rates**

Standard: nbsp;                 U.S. $150.00

Regular rush:                      U.S. $175.00

Special rush:                       U.S. $200.00


Minimum charge                  U.S. $100.00


Certificate of accuracy                                                                   

Certificate                            U.S. $20.00

Notarization                         U.S. $30.00


*Prices for English translations will be  based on the word count of the  English translation. Prices for German translations will be based on the word count of the English source document.

**Translations are generally billed on a per word basis. The hourly rates apply only if the final word count is not reflective of the services rendered (e.g., if a client submits two documents that are substantially similar, the translation of the first document will be billed on a per word basis, and the changes necessary to create the second translation will be billed on an hourly basis).


Payment Terms

Invoices are payable in U.S. dollars to my U.S. dollar account at Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG in Frankfurt, Germany. No international money transfers are required.


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