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The right resources are as important to the legal translator as they are to the lawyer. Thanks to the arrival of several innovative technologies, the resources available to the legal translator have changed dramatically in recent years. The most valuable innovations, in my experience, are 1) the Internet, and 2) voice-recognition.

Internet Research

As a former attorney, I understand the importance of careful and accurate research. Thanks to the Internet, research tools for the legal translator are no longer limited to bilingual dictionaries and other printed reference works today. To ensure the accuracy of legal terminology even in difficult cases, I routinely and extensively use online laws, online reference works, and search engines (for example, to locate websites using particular German or English legal, financial or other specialized terminology in a particular context).



As a former attorney, I also understand the need for speed and efficiency. Hence I have been using state-of-the-art voice-recognition software to produce all of my translations since 1998. This technology allows me to finish translations more quickly and cost-effectively. For my clients, this means a faster turnaround and lower prices.

Personal Glossary

Another critical resource for my work is a personal glossary of legal terms with more than 2000 entries, a number that continues to grow almost every day. This glossary helps me organize and hold available for future reference accurate and idiomatically correct English translations of important German legal terms that I encounter over the years. As most of the entries are the result of time-consuming research, the glossary also avoids any unnecessary duplication of research efforts. For my clients, this means the use of consistent legal terminology and a faster turnaround.


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